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Feb 1 10

I’m Back!

by Jim

Well… it’s been some time now since I’ve posted. Far too long really.

I pretty much took blogging time off over the holidays, and for that matter, took exercising time off too. To catch you up, I started on the South Beach Diet right after my last post… right before Thanksgiving. I dunno what I was thinking. Trying to keep to that type of restrictive diet, while entering the holidays was naive, and pretty much pointless.

I stuck to Phase I for the first couple weeks and was going to the gym pretty regularly. The problem was, I wasn’t dropping any weight and I couldn’t figure out why. Then once Thanksgiving and Christmas rolled around, Phase I went out the window.

Here’s my problem with Phase I: Once I start adding carbs back into my diet, I gain the weight back two-fold. My doctor says,

“Well then you just need to stay on Phase I longer.”

No, no I don’t. I can’t. Phase I sucks. So I’ve decided that what I really need to do is just not eat so damn much and be conscious and aware of what I eat.

Kristin and I have also been trying to have a baby for the past few years, and at the end of last year we found ourselves at the UCONN Fertility Clinic. So, some tests and procedures over the last few months have also kept me away from blogging. I’ve been busy.

But I’m back now. Freshly motivated and ready to go. You’ll notice a new site design.  I think it’s a lot cleaner and easier to get around. Also, there’s not as much “stuff” that I need to set up.  Really, I can’t take the time to worry about setting up pictures for my posts, feature posts and the like. I just want to post and get it over with. So enjoy and I’ll see ya soon!

Oct 29 09

BMI Calculator for WordPress

by Jim

While I don’t necessarily hold fast to the Body Mass Index (BMI), it is a relatively good general test to identify if one is overweight or not, UNLESS that person happens to be a professional athlete — which I am not, so I don’t need to worry about it. Anyway, I found  a pretty convenient BMI Calculator that can be used by anyone on this site.  Let me know your thoughts on this.

Oct 27 09

Less Work; More time…

by Jim

As with all exercise programs, you neet to have time to make them work; time to put the plan into action.  Well, traditionally “I just don’t have the time” has always been an excuse.  In my case, however, there was a bit of reality.  In addition to my 40-hour a week job, I had been pulling an additional 25-hours at Michaels Craft Stores on nights and weekends.  And considering that the store was located an hour from where I live… it just left little time to be able to focus on ME.

WELL NO MORE! I have given notice to Michaels and the 31st, Halloween, is my last day.  Which means now… NO MORE EXCUSES! Hopefully now you’ll start to see me post more regularly and you’ll be seeing some changes to the site as I really start to develop it and get the hang of WordPress.

I am exited to do this.  I HAVE to do this.  It’s been nearly 11 months since my mother passed away. I told myself then that I had to lose weight. I NEEDED to lose weight. And somehow that year has come and gone and still no change.

I’ve seen my body age in some interesting ways.  Some things I may blog about… good to vent on those later I suppose; but in all my research and discussion with my doctor, EVERYTHING is related to obesity and abdominal weight.  I have the power to change it all! And so I must.

Stay tuned.