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MMMmmm… Birthday Salad

by Jim on February 6th, 2010

Last night I went to my sisters house to celebrate my niece Sarah’s 5th birthday! On the menu was a couple of pizza’s, with home-baked cake for dessert. Yum! As I walk in the door I’m thinking,  “Woohoo, pizza! I like pizza, and I love cake.” I start taking off my jacket, and a quick scan of the kitchen revealed an enormous wooden salad bowl heaped to capacity with greenery, which my sister happened to be tossing — uh oh.

My kind, loving sister (with — I might add — an undergraduate degree in nutrition) says,

“Look! I made us a salad for dinner! I read your blog about your blood sugar.”

She made us a salad. Uh huh. (Had I known my blog would be used against me…)

Anyway, it’s truly amazing what can go through your mind at a moment like that. Of course my first thought was “Damnit!” But in the mere seconds that followed I realized that I was being tested. Not by my sister, but rather by myself… how serious am I about losing this weight? I have my health hanging over my head, and I have been making moderate progress: I’ve been going to the gym, and have been trying to eat less but really, how serious have I taken this?

Now, my sister’s called me out! In the act of making a salad, she’s forced me to have to consider everything I’ve been doing so far to meet my goals. Have I been truthful with myself? I now have a perfectly healthy option in front of me… which will I choose? A smaller portion of the stuff I “want”, or a healthier portion of the stuff to help me meet the goal I “want.” Damn you deferred gratification! Guilt sets in. I know the right answer, and I finally resign to painful acceptance.

“Yay! Salad!”

In the end, I had two full plates of salad which were quite tasty, and by the time I was done I was no longer hungry and really had no interest in pizza. The interest in cake was still there (it always is), but while it was disappointing to me, I did not succumb.

Sarah’s sister Emily’s birthday is tomorrow… salad anyone?


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  1. It comes from love….and it was a good salad, wasn’t it…

  2. Wait till you see tomorrow’s menu for Emily’s birthday…

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