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Second wind

by Jim on February 1st, 2010

So the other day I had some blood work done to check on my cholesterol, TSH and A1c. My doctor’s office calls me the next day and tells my my A1c is up and asks, “can I come in to the office today?”

TODAY!? What doctor’s office EVER has an opening the same day that they call you!? So I asked if this was critical… am I dying? No, she says, but your doctor does want to talk to you.

Holy crap.

So an hour-and-a-half later I’m in his office. Basically, my A1c is slowly creeping up. It was 7.1, and a year ago at this time he tells me it was 6.5. Not good. However, my blood sugar when I got in the office was normal (103). So Dr. Greenhouse sits me down and says that if I don’t lose weight in three months, and if we don’t see a drop in my A1c in three months, I have to go on medication for diabetes.


So it looks as though I have a new short-term goal in addition to my 1-year goal!  My 1-year goal was 50 lbs. I have a follow-up appointment with the doctor on April 30th. That’s 13 weeks from now. Realistically, I should be able to lose 1.5 lbs a week if I really bust my ass in the gym and just watch what I eat. That’s 19.5 lbs.

Here we go!


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  1. Bunni permalink

    I am routing for you Magilla. I Love ya. I was just reading an article about High Fuctose corn syrup being a big contributor to the increase of diabetes in the US. It is so bad for you. You have to look at every label, even some canned tomatoes have high fructose corn syrup. Bread too. Read your labels!! I went grocery shopping the other day and looked at everything!!

  2. Bunni permalink

    I mean Fructose…just say that. LOL That is how we say it in Jersey.

  3. Bunni permalink

    clearly spelling is an issue for me

  4. I prefer your pronunciation! HFCS is crap. I have been reading up on it as well and basically it is digested and converted directly to triglycerides in your system. I am planning on writing a blog article on it soon. Keep watching.

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