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Feb 6 10

MMMmmm… Birthday Salad

by Jim

Last night I went to my sisters house to celebrate my niece Sarah’s 5th birthday! On the menu was a couple of pizza’s, with home-baked cake for dessert. Yum! As I walk in the door I’m thinking,  “Woohoo, pizza! I like pizza, and I love cake.” I start taking off my jacket, and a quick scan of the kitchen revealed an enormous wooden salad bowl heaped to capacity with greenery, which my sister happened to be tossing — uh oh.

My kind, loving sister (with — I might add — an undergraduate degree in nutrition) says,

“Look! I made us a salad for dinner! I read your blog about your blood sugar.”

She made us a salad. Uh huh. (Had I known my blog would be used against me…)

Anyway, it’s truly amazing what can go through your mind at a moment like that. Of course my first thought was “Damnit!” But in the mere seconds that followed I realized that I was being tested. Not by my sister, but rather by myself… how serious am I about losing this weight? I have my health hanging over my head, and I have been making moderate progress: I’ve been going to the gym, and have been trying to eat less but really, how serious have I taken this?

Now, my sister’s called me out! In the act of making a salad, she’s forced me to have to consider everything I’ve been doing so far to meet my goals. Have I been truthful with myself? I now have a perfectly healthy option in front of me… which will I choose? A smaller portion of the stuff I “want”, or a healthier portion of the stuff to help me meet the goal I “want.” Damn you deferred gratification! Guilt sets in. I know the right answer, and I finally resign to painful acceptance.

“Yay! Salad!”

In the end, I had two full plates of salad which were quite tasty, and by the time I was done I was no longer hungry and really had no interest in pizza. The interest in cake was still there (it always is), but while it was disappointing to me, I did not succumb.

Sarah’s sister Emily’s birthday is tomorrow… salad anyone?

Feb 4 10

Siggi’s Icelandic Yogurt

by Jim


While perusing the Super Stop & Shop isles the other day, I came across a new product stocked in the dairy isle.  Siggi’s Icelandic Yogurt, or skyr (don’t ask me to pronounce it) sat there with just three product faces on the shelf – miniscule in comparison to the behemoth amount of facing space that Dannon rents out. Yet there they were, dressed in their clean and simple package design that screamed artisan, gourmet, hand-crafted and probably expensive. They must have known I have always been a sucker for good packaging design. And besides… Icelandic yogurt!?!? I just got used to Greek yogurt! It had my attention.

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Feb 1 10

Second wind

by Jim

So the other day I had some blood work done to check on my cholesterol, TSH and A1c. My doctor’s office calls me the next day and tells my my A1c is up and asks, “can I come in to the office today?”

TODAY!? What doctor’s office EVER has an opening the same day that they call you!? So I asked if this was critical… am I dying? No, she says, but your doctor does want to talk to you.

Holy crap.

So an hour-and-a-half later I’m in his office. Basically, my A1c is slowly creeping up. It was 7.1, and a year ago at this time he tells me it was 6.5. Not good. However, my blood sugar when I got in the office was normal (103). So Dr. Greenhouse sits me down and says that if I don’t lose weight in three months, and if we don’t see a drop in my A1c in three months, I have to go on medication for diabetes.


So it looks as though I have a new short-term goal in addition to my 1-year goal!  My 1-year goal was 50 lbs. I have a follow-up appointment with the doctor on April 30th. That’s 13 weeks from now. Realistically, I should be able to lose 1.5 lbs a week if I really bust my ass in the gym and just watch what I eat. That’s 19.5 lbs.

Here we go!